Snack Foods That Are Gluten Free

Snack Foods That Are Gluten Free

All Extend Nutrition snacks are made with gluten free ingredients.

Gluten Free Nutritional Snacks by Extend

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All Extend Nutrition Snacks are made with gluten-free ingredients.

We currently recommend all 19 varieties of snacks for people with celiac disease or extreme gluten sensitivity.

Each product has been tested and confirmed to contain less than 20 parts per million gluten.

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Gluten-Free Extend Nutrition Products:

1. Extend Bar, Chocolate & Caramel Anytime Bar

2. Extend Bar, Cookies & Cream Anytime Bar

3. Extend Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate Delight

4. Extend Bar, Peanut Delight

5. Extend Bar, Chocolate Delight

6. Extend Bar, Mixed Berry Delight

7. Extend Bar, Apple Cinnamon Delight

8. Extend Crisps, Cinnamon

10. Extend Crisps, White Cheddar

11. Extend Shake, Chocolate

12. Extend Shake, Vanilla

13... Extend Shake, Strawberry


We took the following approach to confirm the gluten-free status of Extend Nutrition products:

1. All of the ingredients in Extend Nutrition products are gluten-free.

2. Extend uses the anti-omega gliadin antibody developed by Skerritt and Hill for detection. This antibody, which detects both gliadins and glutenins, is the basis of the AOAC International Official Method for gluten detection.

3. The test used by Extend Nutrition has been validated and certified as a Performance Tested Method(sm) (#051101) by the AOAC Research Institute as an effective method for the detection of Gluten in a wide variety of foods and environmental surfaces.

4. On August 2, 2013, FDA issued a final rule defining “gluten-free” for food labeling, which will help consumers, especially those living with celiac disease, be confident that items labeled “gluten-free” meet a defined standard for gluten content.

    This new federal definition standardizes the meaning of “gluten-free” claims across the food industry. It requires that, in order to use the term "gluten-free" on its label, a food must meet all of the requirements of the definition, including that the food must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten. The rule also requires foods with the claims “no gluten,” “free of gluten,” and “without gluten” to meet the definition for “gluten-free.” 

    5. Each flavor listed on this page has been tested and confirmed to contain less than 20 parts per million gluten.

    This page was last updated on 5/27/2015.

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