Customer Success-Losing 40 pounds with Extend Crisps!

Extend Nutrition Bars Help Control Hunger

Eating Extend helps control hunger and reduces calories consumed at the next meal by up to 21%.

This helps anyone lose weight!! Our single serving size products help make sure you don’t over do it.


“Love, love, LOVE my White Cheddar Extend Crisps! I keep a couple of bags with me at all times for those "snacky" urges.

I've lost over 40 lbs. so far and I know it's largely due to these chips.

A great alternative to potato chips or other fatty foods!”

                                              -Colorado Mom

*Individual results may vary


 To help reduce cravings and lose weight:

Enjoy an Extend Nutrition snack twice a day between meals.

Crisps are a great Simple Swap for potato chip lovers!

        Shop now and slim down with Extend Nutrition snacks today!

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