Customer Spotlight-100-mile bike ride fueled by Extend Nutrition

Extend Nutrition Customer Spotlight


With Extend Nutrition helping to fuel your activity for up to 9 hours, this makes it a good snack for a

 long distance bike rider like Bernie.

The average 100-mile bike ride last between 5-8 hours, making Extend Nutrition’s long lasting energy perfect!

Here is a word of encouragement from Bernie Reinfeldt from Marshall, WI.




"Great Bar tastes great. I use it on workout days, about an hour before my 40 mins on the treadmill, and 30 mins on the bike.

I'm able to get through my routine without a problem.

I've lost almost 20 lbs through exercise and diet since October; I have 14 more to go. I will make it thanks to your product.

I have plans for my first 100 miles in a day bike ride. I'll make it because of your product.

Keep up the good work!!!!”


                                 -Bernie Reinfeldt (Marshall, WI)

*Individual results may vary



In order to prevent a drop in performance:


We recommend consuming an Extend Nutrition snack 1 hour before activity.


This helps control your blood sugar level and avoid a drop in performance. 


Diabetes Nutrition Bars


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