5 healthy alternatives for your mid day snack cravings

If you’re like me, 3:30 hits and I just crave everything in sight. What ever is around, I want to eat.  Most of the time, I reach for whatever is closest and often that is unhealthy. 

Try a frozen fruit or veggie bar! AKA.. Popsicles.

Instead of a smoothie:

Pre-made smoothies are high in sugar and low in protein.

Outshine fruit and veggie bars are low in sugar and calories plus you get a healthy dose of vitamins due to the fruit and veggie ingredients.

 Try one of our smoothie recipes!



Try thin pretzels

Instead of thick pretzels:

Pretzels in general are high in carbs, with little nutritional value. So eat in moderation.

By choosing thin over thick you get to snack on 11 pretzels instead of 1 for about the same amount of calories and carbs.


Choose Extend Products

Instead of a Granola Bar:

Choose an Extend Bar over a Granola bar. Extend bars are full of protein/fiber and help control blood sugar for 6-9 hours.

Blood sugar control can also help control the cravings.

Extend Nutrition Products  


Switch out those M&M’s with gluten free trail mix!

Instead of a handful of M&M’s:

A single bag of M&M’s has 30g of sugar.

This is a homemade trail mix that you can do in 5 minutes. It’s full of nuts and seeds, making this the perfect alternative to a handful of M&M’s.

        Trail Mix Recipe


Extend Bars

Instead of a Milky way:

Take a bite out of a Chocolate & Caramel Extend Bar. Making this simple swap will not only save you over 230 calories but will also cut out 37g of carbs and 31g of sugar.

Extend Bar is not only sugar free and low on carbs and calories, it tastes unbelievably good too!



Why Choose Extend?

Extend Nutrition products were designed specifically to help manage blood sugar levels. Not only that, the Extend Nutrition brand was invented by a doctor and expert in metabolism, Dr. Francine Kaufman.

 When you choose Extend Nutrition - not only are you cutting extra calories, carbs and all that sugar from your diet - but you will also enjoy the delicious taste of a snack bar that will truly help you energize you.

 Enjoy a wide variety of low carb and low glycemic snacks from Extend Nutrition.

Extend Nutrition is all the nutrition you need, snack healthy my friends!


Cookies & Cream Extend Nutrition Anytime Bar
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Low calorie and low carb traditional Reuben sandwich

The FYI for sugar alcohols

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