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Control Blood Sugar for Sports Performance

The patent-protected Extend Nutrition Nutra9 Blend™ both improves performance during physical activity and enhances muscle recovery post-exercise.

Our protein-packed snacks metabolize slowly to administer stable energy for up to 6 hours during the day. Make a winning snack choice, conquer your fitness goals and leave your competition in the dust with Extend Nutrition.

Train Harder & Avoid Exercise-Induced Hypoglycemia

Your body requires a lot of energy during exercise, which can often take a toll on your blood sugar. Our products help protect against exercise-induced hypoglycemia. The extended-action Nutra9 Blend™ digests slowly and enhances carbohydrate utilization during exercise.

Sustain Energy with Protein & Low-Glycemic Carbs

Sugar and high net carbs in other fitness snacks can slow you down – they spike your blood sugar levels then wear off quickly, causing a dip in performance and fatigue. Our low-glycemic carbs and high protein help you maximize your nutrition and fuel your success.

Avoid Fatigue during Grueling Workouts

Our patented combination of complex carbs, protein and fats breaks down gradually over time, helping you stay in top form during long endurance workouts

Improve Muscle Recovery Post-Exercise

Carbohydrates replenish the muscle glycogen that you burned during your workout. Meanwhile, protein helps your body repair torn muscle tissues.

Extend Nutrition contains an optimal blend of carbohydrates and protein that is preferred by top athletes for muscle recovery.

Healthy Snacks for Any Activity, Grab One and Go!

Our Bars, Shakes and Crisps are convenient, portable and easy to enjoy; they're perfect in your gym bag for a pre- or post-workout snack.

"Great bar, taste great. I use Extend bar on my workout days, 1 hour before my 40 min run on the treadmill and 30 mins on the bike. I'm able to get through my entire routine without a problem. I have plans for my first 100 mile-in a day bike ride and I know I'll make it because of your product. Keep up the good work".

Bernie Reinfeldt,
Marshall, WI


"I have low blood sugar and have tried over a dozen products on the market for long training sessions...I discovered your Extend snacks and I've had a most successful 75 mile bike ride. Thanks for developing this product! They really work!"
Patricia Puchalski,
Gabanna, OH

"I have used Extend bars for both longer weekend  and weeknight runs. I was very happy with the great blood sugar readings for the entire day. I continued to monitor my readings after my run and had no food for 2.5 hrs...I was amazed that my blood sugar level hadn't moved more than a few points.this was great, a small dream to have achieved."
Jim Collins,

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Extend Nutrition Outperforms Other Brands:

Sports Fitness Performance Nutrition Comparison

Only Extend Nutrition offers you all of these benefits:
Extend Nutrition Products


- Sugar Free / Low Sugar

- Low Glycemic

- Lowest Net Carbs, utilizing extended-action carbohydrates

- Gluten Free

- High Protein & High Fiber

-The only formula proven to help stabilize blood sugar for 6 to 9 hours.



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