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 Kids & TeensNearly 12.5 million children between the ages of 2 and 19 nationwide qualify as obese; over 17% of youngsters. Extend Nutrition snacks can double as an ultra-fast breakfast or as an after school snack to keep your kids fueled, focused and healthy.

Prevent Hypoglycemia At Night

For parents of children with diabetes, late-night lows are a constant threat to a child's health. Extend Nutrition snacks are clinically proven to reduce nighttime hypoglycemic by up to 75%. Have your kids enjoy them as a bedtime snack and rest easy!

Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Learning healthy eating choices at an early age is vital in the prevention of heart problems, diabetes, and obesity. Our nutritious snacks make eating smart fun and easy!

Maintain Focus And Concentration

School cafeteria food is often unhealthy; Extend Nutrition snacks are great alternatives that deliver long-lasting energy to keep your kids focused.

Eat A Quick, Wholesome Snack Between Activities

Spending a lot of time out of the house makes balanced nutrition difficult, but the protein, fiber and convenience of our products make them great alternatives to a fast food pit stop.

Enjoy Our Variety Of Great Flavors
Our Bars, Shakes andCrisps come in a variety of great-tasting flavors and are even more fun as part of some of our unique recipes.


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"Extend drizzles are healthy snacks that tastes great! My kids like them as well as myself,in fact, I have to hide them to have any."
Melissa, FL



"My son has had type 1 diabetes since the age of 2 so it's really great when we find something to make his life a little easier and allow him to be as active as he wants without fearing low blood glucose levels."

Jill Schroeder,
Miami, FL


"My 9-yr old daughter has type 1 diabetes and we couldn't find a bedtime snack that stabilized her overnight blood sugar-until her diabetes educator recommended Extend bar. It REALLY does what it claims to do. Now my daughter doesn't have to eat a glucose tablet in the middle of the night to keep from going low. Her morning headaches and shakiness are gone! Thank you, Extend Nutrition!"

Sandra, IA



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