Extend Bar - Chocolate & Caramel (15 Pk)

The Only Protein Bar with Clinically Proven, Healthy Long Lasting Energy.

With a rich layer of chocolate nougat, topped by chewy caramel all dipped in smooth sugar-free chocolate, these bars will help you push right through the afternoon ‘blahs’ and go from super slump to power play in one delicious snack!

  • No Spike / No Crash (No Bonk)
  • Patented Protein Energy Formula 
  • On the Go / Between Meal Snack
  • 10g Protein
  • Only 1g Sugar
  • All-Natural Ingredients 
  • 3g Fiber
  • Low Carb, Low Glycemic, Low Fat
  • Gluten Free
  • Only 150 Calories
  • 1 Net Carb
  • Diabetic Friendly