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Extend: Raise The Bar & Shake It Up (30 Snacks)


Take Control of Your Health! You’re on your way with our exclusive Bundle & Save Raise The Bar & Shake It Up Box!

This bundle includes our delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter bars with a rich layer of chocolate nougat, topped by chewy caramel all dipped in smooth sugar-free chocolate and our smooth Creamy Vanilla Anytime shake.

Extend snacks are perfect as a bedtime snack, for your morning routine, or as a daytime bridge between meals. No spike, no crash…just steady, long-lasting help with your blood sugar. Start today! You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll feel better and see results.

  • One Extend snack a day for 30 days – 30 snacks total
  • Each snack Helps Control Blood Sugar for up to 9 Hours! Clinically proven. Extend works!
  • Lower A1C Levels, Reduce Swings, Eliminate Overnight Lows
  • Increase Energy, Curb Hunger Cravings, Avoid Lows, No Spike-Crash cycle.
  • Low Carb, Low Glycemic, Gluten Free, All Natural Ingredients.
  • No Added Sugar, Only 0-1g Sugar, 130-160 Calories, 10-12g protein.


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