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Blood Sugar 101 Series: Who can benefit from stable blood sugar

Posted by LATOYA PAYNE on
Blood Sugar 101 Series: Who can benefit from stable blood sugar - Extend Nutrition

People used to think that controlling blood sugar was only something individuals with diabetes needed to worry about.  But recent research shows nearly everyone can benefit from better blood sugar control, sometimes in surprising ways.

Check below to see if you fall into a group, or many groups, that can personally benefit from controlling blood sugar better.

But first, take our quick quiz to test your knowledge – do you know who benefits from stable blood sugar?

Quick Blood Sugar Benefits Quiz 

1. True or False.  Managing diabetes is the only reason blood sugar control is important.

2. True or False.  If you are physically active, a long lasting snack that helps stabilize blood sugar can help improve your athletic performance.

3. True or False.  Stabilizing blood sugar can actually help diminish hunger, and help with weight management.

Answers: False, True, True

Read on to see what stable blood sugar can do for you!


 Who can benefit from stable blood sugar?


Surprisingly, nearly everyone!  Read the descriptions below - do any sound familiar?  If so - you too can benefit from better blood sugar control.

woman standing on scale_weight loss


You find it hard to lose or manage your weight:

By helping stabilize your blood sugar for up to 9 hours, Extend Nutrition snacks help you prevent the drops in blood sugar that trigger appetite, to keep your hunger in check. They've even been clinically proven to reduce the calories eaten at your next meal an average of 21%.

Just as important, because Extend products are low glycemic snacks, they won’t cause blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, minimizing the body’s tendency to store fat after eating. And the snacks have an excellent nutrition profile.  So, they fit perfectly into any popular diet or meal plan.


You have diabetes or struggle with Hypoglycemia:

Whether you have Type 1, Type 2, pre-diabetes or suffer from episodes of Hypoglycemia, improving blood sugar control can help improve your health short term and ward off many long term complications.

The unique Extend Nutrition formula was designed by Dr. Francine Kaufman specifically to help you.  They don’t cause high blood sugar spikes or swings like many other typical foods do.  So, it is easier for you to manage your blood sugar levels.

Each time you eat Extend Nutrition snacks (foods for hypoglycemia) you can look forward to up to 9 hours of uninterrupted fun. Or relaxation. Or sleep. Or you can eat 3 of the snacks a day to achieve “around the clock blood sugar control”!


You lead an active lifestyle, are athletic or a fitness enthusiast, or even an endurance athlete:

woman stretching_fitnessBecause Extend Nutrition snacks convert to blood sugar gradually over 9 hours, they provide you with a sustained supply of energy.  It can help get you through the most physically demanding activity or your most hectic day without experiencing the symptoms of low-blood sugar which can impede your performance or slow you down.

Extend Nutrition snacks also help prevent your glycogen stores (stored energy) from being depleted.  This provides your body with the energy it needs as you exercise. Also, eating this protein rich snack post-workout helps your body recover faster and repair muscle tissue.


Your busy lifestyle causes you to miss meals:

Even if you don’t normally have trouble managing your blood sugar, going too long between meals or engaging in more strenuous activity than usual, can bring on symptoms of low blood sugar (headaches, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating and irritability).

Just one Extend Nutrition snack can help prevent these symptoms for up to 9 hours and tide you over until you have an opportunity to eat a good meal.


You have trouble getting a restful night’s sleep:

Your blood sugar normally drops while you sleep.  If it drops too low, it can cause restlessness or even wake you up, disrupting your sleep.

Eating an Extend Nutrition snack before bed, helps to keep your blood sugar from dropping too low, so you can sleep peacefully and soundly through the night.

extend nutrition bars for hypoglycemia

You struggle with slumps in energy between meals:

woman gardening_energyEver find yourself low in energy, even lethargic, just 2 hours after a big meal?

Swings in blood sugar are a big part of the reason.

Simply by eating smaller meals and having a between meal snack like Extend Nutrition, you’ll help even out your blood sugar and your energy as well.


Stabilize your blood sugar and improve your health - Start today with Extend Nutrition!

Shop NowShop now for Extend Products to stabilize your blood sugar!

If you have any questions - we'd love to hear from you! Give us a call at 1-800-887-2919 or send us an e-mail at

*The information in this e-mail is not a substitute for medical advice.  Please consult your physician before making changes to your diet or lifestyle.  While we have plenty of good tips - not everyone is the same, and we all face unique challenges.



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