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Busy Bee

When life gets busy, one of the first things to disappear is a healthy eating routine. Routinely skipping meals can deplete your concentration and have long-term health consequences; Extend Nutrition snacks can help you eat smarter when you're on the move.

Avoid Low Blood Sugar Between Meals

Going a long time between meals can have consequences, especially for people with diabetes. Our Bars, Crisps and Shakes are perfect solutions to keep you stable when you don't have time to eat.

Enjoy A Satisfying, Healthy Meal Replacement

When there's just not enough time for a sit-down meal, Extend Nutrition Shakes are high in protein and fortified with 24 essential vitamins and minerals; they're healthy ways to satisfy your appetite in just minutes.


Sustain Energy To Get Through The Day

Because the patented complex carbohydrate formula metabolizes for up to 6 hours during the day, our products provide stable, long-lasting energy to help power you through your busy day.

Improve Your Focus And Concentration

Blood sugar highs and lows have a profound impact on your concentration. By eating a snack that helps to control blood sugar for longer than anything else on the market, you're free to concentrate on the task at hand without being distracted by fatigue or cravings.

Pack A Convenient, Portable Snack

Extend Nutrition Bars, Shakes and Crisps are quick and convenient; they're perfect for your glovebox, purse, briefcase, lunch box, gym bag and more!

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"Extend snacks help control my snacking completely. Instead of choosing a cookie or crackers, I pull out my trusty Extend bars. They are easy to throw in your purse and have on the go. Fast food is no longer a temptation!"
Lynne, WI 

"So incredible, words fail me. I use the Extend crisps anytime, any place. Whether formal dining or kids handbags. We've taken them to the beach, ball games, rallys, garden parties...where ever...they're great!"
Sarah, MO

"Those busy days when you need something to eat but don't have time to stop for a meal and want to make a healthy choice, choose Extend snacks. I keep them in my purse and desk. The chocolate Delight is AWESOME if you microwave it for a few seconds...kind of like a brownie, only better for you".

Kacey, WI 

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