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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy eating leads to confidence and satisfaction on a day-to-day basis.

Our products are great alternatives to traditional snack options and provide the long-lasting benefit of hunger control and stable blood sugar.

Fuel Your Body with a Healthy Balance of Nutrients

Extend Nutrition contains a unique balance of extended-action carbohydrates, a small amount of fat, and lean proteins. We offer a variety of delicious snacks to fuel your healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy A Heart-Healthy Snack

Because all of our products are cholesterol-free, low in fat, high in fiber and diabetes-friendly, they can be highly beneficial components within a heart-healthy diet.

Live Gluten-Free

All of our products are made with gluten-free ingredients and are Kosher, cholesterol-free, low in net carbs. They also fit in with a wide variety of diet plans.

High Protein and High Fiber

The high fiber and protein content in our products can help you feel full and satisfied longer than traditional snacks.

All-Natural Options

Extend Nutrition Chocolate & Caramel , Cookies & Cream, Yogurt & Berry and Yogurt & Lemon are great alternatives to typical junk food snacks. They're made with all-natural ingredients

Lower Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

Our low-glycemic carbohydrates help your body to keep blood sugar in a healthy range, helping you to reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

While some things that contribute to the development of diabetes are beyond a person's control, there are also a number of modifiable risk factors where Extend Nutrition can help: improving diet, managing weight loss, increasing energy for activity, improving heart health, and controlling blood sugar.

Click here for more information on "How to Use"  Extend Nutrition snacks.

Everyday Nutrition

Compare Extend Nutrition and See the Difference:

Comparison Protein Bars

Extend Bars Protein and Energy Bars

Only Extend Nutrition offers you all of these benefits:

       -  High Protein & High Fiber

- Sugar Free (or very Low Sugar) with a Low Glycemic Index
- Lowest Net Carbs
- Wide variety of delicious flavors
- The only formula proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours!


"Healthier processed foods are rarely as tasty as their high fat/preserative counterparts but Extend bar was a great between meal snack and when on the run. It lived up to it's claims for me. the crunchy texture and slight sweetness even helped satisfy my mid-day sweet cravings."

Chicago, IL

 "Today I had more pep and energy. The only difference from my regular eating routine was the Chocolate Extend bars. My extra energy seemed to start when I ate the bar. They were the best tasting diabetic items I have tasted...and I have tasted some! If they could put that energy into an 85 year old soldier...then? I am anxious to eat another bar."

 Louis I. Kolber
Dallas, TX

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*diabetic friendly

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*diabetic friendly