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The Extend Nutrition Advantage

Extend Nutrition snacks are designed to outlast and outperform other nutritional products – the secret is our scientifically developed Nutra9 Blend™ of ingredients.

Originally developed by Dr. Francine Kaufman, M.D. (a world-renowned endocrinologist, published author, and expert in metabolism), the Nutra9 Blend™ is a patented combination of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates that helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours.

Extend nutrition slow conversion to glucose

Unlike typical snacks that metabolize over a 1-2 hour period, causing a rapid spike in blood sugar, Extend Nutrition digests very slowly over a period of 6 to 9 hours.

Nutritional Snacks for Sports Performance and Endurance

Stabilizing blood sugar provides a steady source of energy during physical activity, and prevents you from “crashing” or “hitting the wall”.

We conducted a pilot study that showed that Extend Nutrition’s Nutra9 Blend™ does enhance exercise and improve muscle recovery.

“The data indicates the formula is associated with enhanced carbohydrate utilization during and after exercise.”carbohydrate utilization during and after exercise.”

- Sustains Energy     - Enhances Exercise     - Improves Recovery

Nutritional Snacks for Weight ControlStable blood sugar helps to minimize cravings and hunger. Recognizing the correlation between stable blood sugar and hunger control, we performed a pilot study which confirmed this connection.

Eating an Extend Nutrition product as a between-meal snack leads to an average 21% reduction in caloric intake at the next meal.

- Helps Control Hunger   - Reduces Calories Consumed   - Helps Control Weight

Extend Nutrition for Diabetes ManagementStabilizing blood sugar helps to avoid both highs and lows.

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to chronically high blood sugar levels which damage the body’s organs and nerves, leading to complications over time.

At the same time, acute low blood sugar can cause a person to lose consciousness and in severe cases can even lead to death. Extend Nutrition helps people with diabetes keep blood sugar in a healthy, safe range.

- Avoid Highs and Lows    - Minimize Spikes   - Helps Manage Diabetes


Extend Bars Help Control Blood Sugar


Blood Sugar 101: The Basics We All Should Know

Since Dr. Kaufman’s initial breakthrough, we have found that keeping blood sugar stabilized has many advantages for people from all walks of life.

No matter who you are, your body always has to have a certain amount of sugar in your bloodstream to provide energy for your brain, cells, muscles, liver and for basic functioning.

If you have too much sugar in your bloodstream, it can cause nerve damage and it can be extremely detrimental over time. If you have too little sugar in your blood it makes you groggy, you’ll likely experience mood swings, and you won’t have enough energy to function.

Your body always has to keep sugar in your bloodstream, not too much, and not too little.

The benefits of stable blood sugar are numerous and supported by many outside studies as well.

Stable blood sugar can help improve memory, keep energy levels up, prevent weight gain, enhance mood, improve digestion, limit fat storage due to the insulin hormone, improve diabetes management, enhance carbohydrate utilization during exercise and improve muscle recovery.

Verified by clinical studies and protected by 17 international patents, only the Extend Nutrition formula is proven to be effective in helping to control blood sugar for up to 9 hours and provide long-lasting energy. No other snacks even come close.

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