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Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes


Managing Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes means managing blood sugar and weight.  Extend Bars & Shakes are designed for exactly this….

Take Control of Your Blood Sugar, clinically proven     

    • Helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours     
    • Goodbye Swings! Hello Steady!

Take Control of Your Appetite & Cravings, clinically proven

    • Beat your weight control enemy
    • Goodbye Cravings! Hello control!
    • Clinically proven to reduce calorie intake by 21% on average at your next meal if enjoyed an hour earlier.

No sugar added – Gluten free – Low Glycemic
Patented – Natural - Healthy

… and always Delicious – never a compromise on taste.

Make your snacks and meals work FOR you, not against you. Steady your blood sugar. Control your cravings. Get the long-lasting energy you need to avoid crashes and extra unhealthy snacks. No sugar added – ever – so no spikes! Find out more

Have an Extend Bar or Anytime Shake mid-morning, mid-afternoon, at bedtime. Steady your energy all day and night…. and for a satisfying breakfast, lunch or dinner, try an Extend Performance Shake…, with 20-24 gm of Premium Whey or Plant Based Vegan protein with Quinoa! A meal replacement you can look forward to!


Extend Works!

"Extend bars for me! They are God sent as they have indeed helped me maintain a healthy blood sugar level throughout the day and they've helped with my diet. I no longer have cravings for sugary chocolate. My most recent A1C test proved I'm beating the odds. I'm a believer!"         L. Jackson


"Extend bars are great! I'm a type 2 diabetic and have been fighting the sugar battle since 2005. I have lost weight (from 235 to 189 lbs), my morning blood sugar is lower and stays all day! Thanks Extend Nutrition!"            S. Brown


Extend Performance – Endurance and Meal Replacement

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*diabetic friendly

Extend Anytime –Your Snack Time Solution

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*diabetic friendly