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Recommend Extend Nutrition Products With Confidence

Invented By A World-Renowned Endocrinologist



Supported By Scientific Research



Simple Solutions For Any Lifestyle


Invented by Dr. Francine Kaufman, M.D., a former President of the American Diabetes Association and author of the book Diabesity   The benefits of our formula are supported by the results of 6 peer-reviewed clinical studies and are protected by 17 international patents.   Our products are simple and effective snack solutions that help manage all types of diabetes, aid in weight loss and help promote healthy dieting.

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Recommend A Superior Product
The Extend Nutrition formula is clinically proven to help control blood sugar for longer than any other snack products on the market.


Aside from our unique blood sugar benefits, our products also provide a superior nutrition profile.
  Low Net Carbs     Cholesterol Free
  High Protein     Gluten Free
  High Fiber   Low Fat 

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