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Real Life Success Story-Life-Saving Snacks Prevent Overnight Lows

Posted by LATOYA PAYNE on
Real Life Success Story-Life-Saving Snacks Prevent Overnight Lows - Extend Nutrition

When Dr. Kaufman invented Extend Bar in the late 1990s, one of her main focuses was to prevent severe hypoglycemia.

She initially worked with overnight diabetes camps to perfect the formulation. After years of testing, studies have proven the Nutra9 Blend™ of ingredients helps to prevent low blood sugar even overnight!

Here’s a great note from Johanna Jones in Massachusetts, who shares just how powerful this is: 

Hi ExtendBar Company!

I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about your ExtendBar.

I started using them last March when I found them at Walgreen was using Glucerna Bars but decided to try yours instead. 

They have been a lifesaver for me…I'm a Type 1 diabetic, having it for 42 years, since a child.

I have always had a problem with low blood sugars...always afraid I wouldn't wake up from an attack during the night, which sometimes did happen.

I have no doubt that your product has, at times, saved my life. 

I think your company should really be spreading the word to diabetics on insulin EVERYWHERE!!

Thanks so much.

                                   -Johanna Jones (Millis, MA)

*Individual results may vary

In order to prevent overnight low blood sugar:

We recommend consuming any single Extend Nutrition snack about 30 minutes before bed. 

Research has proven that this will not only help prevent low blood sugar during the night but can also help you wake to healthy morning blood sugar levels as well.

        Shop now and prevent low blood sugar with an Extend Bar!

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