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Consumer Review: 53-year-old ironman finds success with Extend Nutrition

Posted by LATOYA PAYNE on
Extend Nutrition Customer Review - Bars
 Proper nutrition is critical for any type of physical activity including an Ironman.

With a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run, nutrition and stable blood sugar is a must.

Our next customer, Patricia found success with Extend Nutrition. 

 "I am 53 years old and training for my first Ironman.

I have low blood sugar and have tried over a dozen products on the market for long training sessions.

I discovered your Extend Bars and had a most successful 75-mile bike ride.

Thanks for developing this product!!


                                                     -Patricia Puchalski (Gabanna, OH)

                                                                *Individual results may vary


For results like Patricia, we recommend having Extend Nutrition Products
throughout training and an hour before physical activity.

  Shop now and power your fitness with an Extend Bar!


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