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Managing GLP-1 Weight Loss Drug Side Effects

Posted by Kevin Dalrymple on
Managing GLP-1 Weight Loss Drug Side Effects - Extend Nutrition

Using the new GLP-1 weight loss drugs (Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy, Trulicity) offers transformative weight loss, but managing potential side effects, especially concerning blood sugar, nutrition, and muscle mass, is essential.  As usual, you don’t get something for nothing.

One key consideration is blood sugar levels. GLP-1 drugs may impact blood glucose levels, which is usually unhealthy and can be dangerous. You need to maintain your blood sugar at healthy and even levels. With these drugs, you may not eat enough or at the right times to maintain steady blood sugar.  Regular monitoring is important. And use the right snacks to help maintain steady blood sugar between meals. 

Nutritional balance is another important aspect. While these drugs help control appetite, ensuring a well-rounded diet is essential for health. Incorporate nutrient-dense foods, make sure your snacks enhance your nutrition balance, not destroy it, and plan your diet for sufficiency and balance. Getting a nutritionist’s advice is a good idea.

Concerns about loss of muscle mass are real. This is often first seen in the face, with a ‘sunken’ look encroaching on your features. Serious reduction in food intake, a feature of GLP-1 weight loss drugs, often leads to loss of muscle. Targeted exercise routines and protein rich meals and snacks are important. Incorporate them into your daily routine.

Your doctor’s advice is paramount when taking these new generation weight loss drugs.  Adapt your activity, exercise, and eating habits to the changes these drugs bring.  In particular, make sure you manage your blood sugar, nutrition, and muscle mass with care.

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