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Perfect for Hypoglycemia Diets

Posted by Samantha Smarte on
Perfect for Hypoglycemia Diets - Extend Nutrition

Extend Nutrition helps prevent Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is defined by unusually low blood sugar levels.

Blood sugar (or blood glucose) is the body’s primary source of energy, and when it drops too low it can cause side effects like confusion, dizziness, perspiration, or irritability.  Some times, you may not experience these symptoms; many people are totally unaware of hypoglycemia.

Low blood sugar can be frustrating – but Extend Nutrition snacks can actually help prevent low blood sugar before it starts!

Help Prevent Hypoglycemia with Extend Nutrition



Extend products are designed to convert to glucose very slowly, for up to 9 hours, so your body gets a steady supply of blood glucose which lasts longer than typical foods.

The unique formula is patented for it's ability to diminish blood sugar fluctuations.

Regular consumption of Extend Nutrition snacks as part of a hypoglycemic diet can help you minimize the challenges caused by low blood sugar.


If you are suffering from hypoglycemia, eating these simple snacks may help

Eating 2-3 snacks daily can help prevent dangerous blood sugar lows.

Extend Bars and Shakes are great foods for hypoglycemia diets!

Extend Nutrition is designed to help prevent low blood sugar; Extend Nutrition is not a treatment for low blood sugar episodes once they occur. (Fast-acting carbs, like glucose tabs or fruit juices, are the best way to rapidly raise blood sugar.)

Extend products provide a steady amount of glucose for up to 9 hours, which makes them effective for preventing low blood sugar before it occurs.

If you think you may suffer from hypoglycemia, it is important to see a Doctor because your body is signaling that something may not be working properly. In the event of severe low blood sugar, it is important to act quickly, by consuming fast-acting carbohydrates.

Other possible causes for hypoglycemia include hormonal interference with insulin, excess insulin production, over consumption of alcohol, enzyme deficiencies, side effects from some medications, fatigue due to prolonged strenuous exercise or certain health conditions.

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