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Prevent High Morning Blood Sugar

Posted by LATOYA PAYNE on
Prevent High Morning Blood Sugar - Extend Nutrition

It is common for people with diabetes to struggle with blood sugar, especially overnight and into the morning.

Extend Nutrition offers a simple alternative to unpredictable blood sugar: control for up to 9 hours.

Blood sugar naturally drops when you sleep. If it drops too low, the liver releases a stored form of sugar called glycogen, causing blood sugars to jump dramatically higher. This is when you experience the Liver Glycogen Rebound Effect (high morning blood sugar).

The Extend Nutrition formula is clinically proven to reduce morning hyperglycemia by an average of 28%.

In a head-to-head test, participants who ate an Extend Nutrition product before bed woke up to healthy blood sugar levels that were 28% lower on average, compared to a typical carbohydrate snack.

 Wake up to Better Blood Sugar with Extend Nutrition.  

The unique extended action carbohydrates in our Extend Bars, and Shakes work slowly throughout the night to provide a baseline level of blood glucose while you sleep, preventing the onset of the Liver Glycogen Rebound Effect.

Eating any Extend Nutrition snack at bedtime can help stabilize blood sugar overnight (for up to 9 hours).

Choosing Extend Nutrition for your bedtime snack is an effective strategy to lessen the frequency of high morning blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

The secret of the Extend Nutrition formula is a unique patented combination of complex carbohydrates, soy protein, soluble fiber, and a small amount of healthy fat.

Dr. Kaufman designed this formula to digest very slowly. The slow and steady conversion to glucose helps with blood sugar control for up to 9 hours.

If you or someone you know suffers from chronically high blood sugar levels that stay high throughout the day, through the night, and are still high each morning, Extend snacks may help.


Real People, Real Results with Extend Nutrition:

"I work really hard to tightly control my blood glucose, and I do really well-most of the time."

"Unfortunately, despite my best efforts I used to wake up with elevated glucose first thing in the morning."

"I was so frustrated!"

"But when I take ExtendBar as a bedtime snack, my blood glucose levels are normal in the morning."

-R. Pearson, Murdock, KS

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