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Healthy Lifestyles

Extend Nutrition Science provides the Healthy Long Lasting Energy you need for your busy life

Blood Sugar Control is very important to your family's health:

  • You need steady, long lasting, healthy energy to power your days and your exercise,
  • You don't need harmful spikes and crashes, or more sugar,
  • You need to control your appetite cravings that pack on pounds.

Extend is the only snack clinically proven to provide all these benefits:

  • Control Blood Sugar for up to 9 Hours
  • Curb Appetite and Hunger Cravings
  • Deliver Healthy Long Lasting Energy
  • No Sugar Added - Ever
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Gluten Free

    .....No Spike, No Crash, No Bonk!

    Work Time or Training Time, Extend keeps your energy steady and healthy without sugar spikes or crashes. 

    Our Anytime Bars &  Shakes are designed to keep you powered all day - with a carefully crafted, patented blend of complex carbs and protein - with no/low sugar.  Six to Nine Hours of Steady, Healthy Energy!

    Anytime Bars/ Shakes

    Make snack time healthy time

    Good-bye blahs

    Our Performance Shakes have all the benefits of Anytime Bars & Shakes, but with the extra high quality protein you need for your workout - 20-24g of whey or vegan protein!  Performance Shakes are great meal replacements too!

    Performance Shakes

    Energy Control + Quality Whey Protein

    Energy Control + Premium Plant-Based Vegan Protein

     ...Go Flexitarian and Enjoy them both!