The Only Protein with Healthy, Long Lasting Energy.

Glycemic Control

The Key to Healthy Long Lasting Energy - No Spike / No Crash

Clinically Proven

Unrivaled Blood Glucose Control - Patented Protein Energy Formula

High Protein

Protein & Complex Carbs - Steady Energy Release - NO BONK

No / Low Sugar

Sugar Free & No Sugar Added Options - Low Net Carb

Extend Nutrition has your Healthy Energy needs fully covered

- Pre-Competition
- Before & During Exercise
- Post Workout Recovery
- Meal Replacement
- Between Meal Snacks
- On-the-go convenience

Everybody can Benefit from Extend.

Extend Performance for Your Endurance and Meal Replacement Occasions - GUARANTEED NO BONK!

Extend Nutrition Products

Extend Performance Premium Whey & Vegan Protein Options


Powered by our clinically proven and patented Protein Energy Formula, Extend Performance Shake Mixes provide unrivaled blood glucose control with no spike and no crash/no bonk, just healthy long lasting energy.   

When it's game time, whether it's on the mountain, on the field, in the office, or busy family time, Extend Performance provides unmatched Healthy Long Lasting Energy.  Both our Whey and Vegan Protein Shakes are great options:

- Before & During Exercise to Guarantee No Bonk
- To Improve Post Workout Recovery
- To Enjoy a Delicious and Satisfying Meal Replacement

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Extend Performance Premium Whey Protein Shakes use a blend of 7 sources of protein, uniquely maximizing the strength of each.

Whey Icons

Extend Performance Premium Vegan Protein Shakes with Quinoa use our Clean 3-Source Vegan protein blend: Quinoa, Pea Protein and Brown Rice.

Vegan Icons

Extend Anytime for Your Between Meal & On-the-Go Snack Time Energy

Extend Nutrition Products

Extend Anytime Coated & Crunchy Bars • Shake Mixes


To keep your life on the move, you need healthy long lasting energy.  You need them Anytime, Anywhere.  That's Extend Anytime Bars and Shakes... Healthy Long-Lasting Energy...Get the kids to school, prepare for that presentation, work 10 hours on your feet, complete that evening workout - Anytime.  Three yummy bar varieties, chocolate coated, yogurt coated and crunchy with just the right amount of protein. And be sure to try our delicious new Anytime Vanilla Shake Mix.

Extend Anytime Bars and Shakes are all about managing blood sugar.  Push right through afternoon "blahs."  Say goodbye to bonk in your exercise...and enjoy every delicious morsel.

And 10 delicious flavors - for your gym bag, your desk, your purse, your briefcase, your car.  All delicious, all Healthy, all ready to Power You with Healthy Long Lasting Energy!

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Our Nutrition

Packed with delicious healthy ingredients to provide the balanced nutrition you need.

Extend Nutrition Products are all Clinically Proven, Patented, Low Glycemic, Great Source of Protein, Gluten Free, All Natural Macro Nutrients, No Sugar Added, Complex Carbs, Low Net Carbs, Low Fat, No Trans Fat, Sugar Free or Low Sugar and a Good Source of Fiber.

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Extend Performance – Endurance and Meal Replacement

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*diabetic friendly

Extend Anytime –Your Snack Time Solution

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*diabetic friendly