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Extend Nutrition Refer a Friend


Complete the Referral Process in these 4 Easy Steps:

1. Enter the email addresses of friends & family in the template below, or choose to share via Facebook or Twitter.

2. Write a quick personalized note, or use the message provided.

Refer your friends3. Click the "Send" (email), "Share" (Facebook) or "Tweet" (Twitter) button.Share to all 3 for the best chance to earn credits.

4. You earn $10 store credit for each person that makes a purchase from your link!

(You'll receive an email when you earn credits. Credits are updated weekly.)

Jill Thomas earned 2 FREE Orders by sharing with her friends!

Jill is an auto-delivery customer and she sent a referral to over 50 of her friends and family - luckily for Jill, 10 different people ended up placing an order with us.  

That means, Jill was awarded $100 in store credit for her referrals.  This means that her next 2 auto-delivery shipments will be FREE! Thank you Jill!