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Customer Service Nutrition Product Benefits Suggested Use



When should I eat Extend Nutrition products to get the maximum benefit?

When you should eat an Extend Nutrition product depends on which benefits are most important to you. 

 To prevent low blood sugar – Eat an Extend Nutrition product about an hour or two before you think an episode of low blood sugar is most likely to occur. If low blood sugar is a frequent problem overnight, have an Extend Bar, Crisp, Shake or Drizzle as a bed time product. If it’s a problem during or after exercise or any physically demanding activity, eat an Extend Nutrition product one hour before the activity begins. If you experience low blood sugar when you go too long between meals or skip a meal, use an Extend Nutrition product as a healthy, between-meal product. 

To prevent high blood sugar in the morning – If you find you are going to bed with a normal blood sugar level, but waking with a blood sugar level much higher, eating an Extend Nutrition product as a bed-time product can help. In a clinical study where an Extend Nutrition product was used as a bed time product, it was shown to reduce high morning blood sugar readings by an average of 28%. 

To help control your hunger – Use an Extend Nutrition product as a healthy, between-meal product, an hour or two after a meal, to keep your hunger from sabotaging you during your most vulnerable times of the day.

To maximize the benefits of your low-carb lifestyle – One of the key benefits of low-carb foods is that they won’t cause your blood sugar and insulin levels to spike, so your body is more likely to burn fat for fuel and less likely to produce and store fat. Because Extend Bar Delights, Extend Crisps, Extend Shakes and Extend Drizzles convert to blood sugar gradually over 9 hours – far longer than any other low-carb products. Each Extend Nutrition product can extend these low-carb benefits for most of the day (if taken in the morning); also through the afternoon and evening (if taken just after lunch); even overnight (if taken as a bed-time product)!


How do Extend Nutrition products help to prevent low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)?Unlike the carbohydrates in most foods we eat that convert to blood sugar within a couple of hours, the naturally complex carbohydrates in Extend Nutrition products break down gradually to help prevent your blood sugar level from dropping too low for up to 9 hours. The torture test for this, not surprisingly, is at night while you sleep and can't replenish your blood sugar supply with food. In several clinical studies where Extend Nutrition products formula was eaten as a bedtime product, the incidence of low blood sugar was reduced by 75%.

Extend Nutrition products can help prevent low blood sugar any time it's likely to occur: 

Overnight - when your body has no supply of blood sugar from food. An Extend Nutrition products before bed will help prevent low blood sugar throughout the night. 

During, and even hours after any vigorous activity or exercise - Extend Nutrition products are excellent for preventing exercise induced Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  Just eat an Extend Nutrition product 1-2 hours before your exercise for best results.

When a meal get delayed – Having an Extend Nutrition product will help provide your body with the blood sugar it needs to function properly until you have a chance to eat a complete meal. 



How do Extend Nutrition products help prevent high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) in the morning? What many people with diabetes don't understand is that having your blood sugar drop too low during the night, can actually cause your blood sugar to be high first thing in the morning, even before you eat. That's because as you sleep, your blood sugar level naturally drops. When your blood sugar level gets too low during the night, your liver releases glycogen (a stored form of glucose) into your blood stream. This quickly raises your blood sugar levels, often causing high blood sugar. 

When eaten at bedtime, an Extend Nutrition product can help prevent your blood sugar level from dropping low enough to trigger the release of glycogen from your liver. In fact, in a clinical study where an Extend Nutrition product was eaten as a bedtime product, morning blood sugar levels were an average of 28% lower.



How do Extend Nutrition products help to suppress appetite? Extend Nutrition products do not contain any ingredients that chemically suppress your appetite, like ephedra, caffeine or guarana. Instead they help naturally control your hunger by helping to prevent one of the key triggers of appetite – your blood sugar dropping too quickly or too low. Unlike Extend Nutrition products, most common products contain carbohydrates that convert rapidly to blood sugar, sending your blood sugar soaring. Then within a couple of hours it crashes back down, triggering your appetite and you’re hungry again within just a couple of hours of eating. But Extend Nutrition products contain a very slow-burning, long-acting carbohydrate which converts to blood sugar very gradually, helping to prevent your blood sugar from dropping low enough to trigger your appetite for up to 9 hours. In this way Extend Nutrition products help you control your hunger naturally. 

When clinically tested, eating an Extend Nutrition product as a between meal product helped control appetite and reduced calories consumed at the next meal by an average of 21%. In addition to a more satisfied feeling throughout the day, many people have reported significant weight loss after using Extend Nutrition products regularly.


Do these replace my food/meal?Extend Nutrition Shakes are fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals and can be used as a meal replacement when mixed with milk.


Can I reduce my insulin/medication if I use your product?Extend Nutrition products are made with a unique ingredient, uncooked cornstarch, which results in a very slow conversion to blood sugar and will not cause a rise in post prandial glucose levels. Little to no adjustment of insulin is needed because of this unusually slow conversion. In fact, Extend Nutrition products are considered a “free food” by many health care professionals. Please consult with your doctor before makings any modifications to your medication.


Should I keep the bars in the refrigerator to keep them fresh?No, Extend Nutrition products have an 18-24 month shelf life. You can store them in a dry, cool area.


Should I consult a physician before I use Extend Nutrition products?

Extend Nutrition products fit into the FDA’s medical food classification, which simply means that they have been clinically shown to help in the dietary management of a medical condition. In the case of Extend Products, clinical studies have shown them to be very beneficial in the management of diabetes and low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) because of its ability to help stabilize blood sugar levels. 

While Extend Nutrition products do not require a prescription, if you have diabetes it is important to account for the calories, carbohydrates, etc. from Extend Nutrition Bars, Crisps, Shakes and Drizzles in your normal meal planning. Your health care professional can best aid you in this process. Please feel free to have your health care professional review our website or call us, 800.887.2919 for further information.