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Blood Sugar and Protein

Posted by Samantha Smarte on
Blood Sugar and Protein - Extend Nutrition
Prolonged high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can cause serious damage to your health, including damage to vision and circulation. This is important for everyone concerned about diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Eating nutritiously balanced meals including the three key macro nutrients, protein, fat and complex carbs, is important to avoiding blood sugar spikes. These nutrients are digested differently over time, so a balanced meal spreads out the blood sugar effects. That’s what you want. That’s healthy!

Moreover, a University of Newcastle clinical study demonstrates that eating 15g of Whey protein before mealtime helps people with Type 2 diabetes achieve better blood sugar control (read the reference below. It’s really interesting).

So, when you can’t have a balanced meal – you’re on the go – use your
snack-time to promote steady blood sugar. You can do that with Extend! All Extend bars and shakes incorporate our special mixture of carbohydrates and protein clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to 9 hours.

And for the blood sugar benefits of Whey, try Extend’s Performance Whey Protein shakes, (24g Protein), or if you’re into plant based protein or flexitarian (a bit of both), try Extend’s Performance Vegan Protein shakes (20g Quinoa, Pea, & Rice protein).They’re the best tasting Whey and Vegan shakes you’ve ever tried!

Keep your blood sugar steady with Extend’s powerful and clinically proven blood sugar control technology – now with the added benefits of Whey or Plant Based quality protein!

Make snack-time Healthy Time with Extend!

Click Here to read the Clinical Study

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