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Carbs: Good? Bad? Or Both?

Posted by LATOYA PAYNE on
Carbs: Good? Bad? Or Both? - Extend Nutrition
We hear a lot about carbs. Are they good for you? Bad? Or Both, depending…? //
Carbs, or Carbohydrates, are essential for health and a healthy lifestyle. But if you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic, you know you must manage carbs – too many is not good; too little also. That, of course, is because carbs are converted to blood sugar (glucose) to power our energy needs. Too many carbs can lead to high levels of blood sugar – not good (‘spikes’). Too few can lead to low levels – also not good (‘crashes’). But …the kind of carbs you eat matter.

The main types of carbs are Sugars, aka simple carbs, Starches, aka complex carbs, and Fiber.

Sugars are the fastest to convert into blood sugar (glucose) and are readily available for energy. We need energy, but fast conversion also stresses the pancreas to make insulin to deal with the surge of sugar. Not good. Examples of sugars are glucose, fructose, sucrose, honey.

Starches convert more slowly into blood sugar. That’s easier on your pancreas but may not give you the energy boost you need.
So, a sugary snack gives you an oversized energy boost but also a harmful sugar spike. Starches are a little slow, but generally don’t spike your sugar. But if you get the mix of sugars and starches right, you can create steady levels of blood sugar over hours. That’s what Extend Bars & Shakes do!

Extend’s patented formula of complex carbs gives you a right-sized, steady energy boost over six to nine hours – and no harmful sugar spikes or crashes. Extend is your “Time Release Capsule” for healthy long-lasting energy!

That’s Serious Nutrition Science – That’s Extend!

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