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Did You Know? Diabetic Snacks Perfect for Your On-the-Go Summer

Posted by Kevin Dalrymple on
Extend Nutrition Bars and Shakes offer a convenient and delicious solution for individuals with diabetes, ensuring stable energy levels, hydration, and mood throughout the summer.Ā 

Blood Sugar and Vegan/Plant-Based Protein

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

What is Blood Sugar? | What is Plant-Based Protein? | Healthy Foods High in Protein | The Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder | Tips to Maintain Healthy Sugar Levels With a Plant-Based Diet | Ways...

Glycemic/Low GI

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

What is a Low Glycemic Diet? Why is a Low-GI Diet Important? | Weight Loss | Improve Appetite Control | Reduce Cholesterol | Promote Heart Health | Improve Insulin Sensitivity Using the Glycemic Index Chart...

Blood Sugar & Mental Acuity & Focus

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

How Does Blood Sugar Effect Cognitive Functions? What are the Long-Term Effects of High Blood Glucose on Mental Acuity? Ways to Lower Blood Glucose & Improve Mental Focus & Acuity | Choose the Right Foods...

Benefits of Low/No Sugar Snacks

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

Reduce Blood Sugar | What is the Recommended Daily Sugar Intake? Lower Your Diabetes Risk | Reduce Risk of Obesity | Improve Dental Health | Promote Cardiovascular Health Extend Nutrition No Sugar Snacks Are Easy...

Blood Sugar & Hunger Control

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

How Blood Sugar Effects Hunger How to Stop Hunger Cravings | Make Sure it's a Legit Craving | Drink More Water | Get Active | Lower Stress Levels Make Long-Term Diet Changes Grab an Extend...

Blood Sugar & Improved Skin

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

How Does Blood Sugar Affect Skin? Lowering Blood Sugar Levels to Improve Skin | Tips for Lowering Blood Sugar Levels | Reduce Sugar Consumption | Eat Nutritious Meals | Get Regular Exercise | Reduce Stress...

Blood Sugar Spikes at Night

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

What are the Symptoms of an Insulin Spike? | Fatigue | Frequent Urination | Increased Thirst | Headaches | Nausea and Vomiting | Blurred Vision | Recurring Infections | Slow-Healing Cuts | Nerve Issues in...

Blood Sugar & Your Heart

Posted by JenaƩ Miles on

What is Blood Sugar? | How Does Blood Sugar Affect Your Heart? | High Blood Pressure | High Cholesterol | Being Overweight | Eating a High-Fat, High Cholesterol, and High-Sodium Diet | Signs of High...

How to Lower your A1C

Posted by LATOYA PAYNE on

How to Lower AIC Overnight: 9 Tips to Reach Your Goal Diabetes affects over 100 million people in the US. It's a serious condition that can lead to life-threatening complications if not managed properly. That's...