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Blood Sugar & Healthy Energy

Posted by Jenaé Miles on
Blood Sugar & Healthy Energy - Extend Nutrition

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Do you often crave something sweet, coffee, or other stimulants to get you going?

Do you feel hungry just after a big meal, with an urge to eat again and all your instincts screaming for more food?

Do you experience those late-in-the-day energy lags?

As the result of nutrition science, Extend Nutrition patented a healthy solution- energy bars and protein energy drink formula!

The results of 17 international patents, 6 peer-reviewed clinical studies, and numerous customer testimonials verified and confirmed that Extend energy bars and their protein energy drink provides maximum endurance and blood glucose control, with no spike and crash.

Switching from sugary snacks to Extend healthy energy bars and protein energy drink will not just stabilize your blood sugar but also provide you with healthy, long-lasting energy – no matter whether you want to control your glucose level, gain lean muscles, lose weight, or you just live a healthy, vibrant, and active life.

Although we live sophisticated lives, our primary instincts are still the same as cavemen and cavewomen. If we don't have a strategy for what to do during lows, we may quickly empty the fridge and eat anything available. It makes sense. At this stage, our brain doesn't get enough glucose to function as it should, so the instincts take over for us not to, well, die.

The World Health Organization recommends a maximum 6 teaspoons of sugar per day from all sources. One teaspoon is roughly 4g of sugar, so we don’t need more than 24g of sugar per day. If you just check out the labels on your food items such as muesli, juice and yogurt, you will be surprised how much sugar you are putting in your body.

Blood sugar swings are extremely dangerous, resulting in severe health issues such as diabetes, insulin resistance, and weight gain. Whether you have diabetes or not, it is vital to regulate your blood sugar level and keep it in your target range. Symptoms that tend to be correlated to acute dips and spikes in glucose levels are feeling low energy and fatigue, as well as worse attention and memory and slower speed of information processing. Extend products give long-lasting energy to people with diabetes and pre-diabetes and all health-conscious and active people who want to have the highest quality nutrition.

As the name indicates, energy bars and protein energy drinks were initially developed to "fuel" athletes, giving them energy and endurance. Gradually, they became a convenient snack or even a quick meal on the go for many people. However, most of them are not very healthy as they are packed with chemicals and processed sugary coatings, making them have similar nutritional value as candy bars or sugary drinks.

Since most of these bars and drinks have no significant nutritional value, all the sugar explodes into your endocrine system at once, affecting your whole body and health. In a few minutes, you have a rapid rise in your blood sugar levels and then a crash 1-2 hours later. The quick spike in blood sugar leads to reduced energy levels and poorer performance. This makes you feel tired and hungry, so what usually happens? You have a coffee and cookie, and you are off on another blood sugar rollercoaster. Decreased energy, fatigue, and reduced alertness are related to blood sugar swings (big spikes and dips). There is a slight irony regarding energy levels: the more "energy" we have in our body in the form of blood sugar, the less energetic we might feel.

We all experience lows differently, and getting prescribed "sleeping" and "walking" is hardly doable when you have zero energy and can't get a decent sleep that refreshes you. Your body needs fuel; our brain, heart, muscles, and liver need the energy to function correctly. This fuel comes from the food we eat, and the source we get these fuels to make the difference between energy and fatigue, health and disease.

At the end of the day, the easiest and the best way to balance your blood sugar and keep your energy levels consistent and stable throughout the day is to focus on consuming energizing foods. Sounds pretty simple, right? Actually, it is simple.

The goal to have more healthy energy requires a fundamental psychological change in how we view food. Another coffee or chocolate bar may just be a quick fix for our metabolic chaos underneath.

To maintain your energy levels throughout the day and take care of your health, it is generally best to stick to a lower GI diet and energizing foods rich in nutrients, fiber, proteins, and fats.

Extend Nutrition energy bars and protein energy drinks are made with special multi-patented energizing foods ingredients that include a lean protein and unique extended-release complex carbohydrates. Protein and high-fiber in its products take longer to break down in your stomach and intestines, supporting energy production in a more steady, slower way.

Energizing foods release glucose slowly while gently rising blood sugar levels, which provide sustained energy, helping you to:

  • Avoid energy slumps
  • Improve mood and energy levels
  • Reduce sugar cravings
  • Enhance carbohydrate utilization during exercise
  • Fasten muscle recovery after exercise
  • Regulate your appetite and keep you feel fuller for longer
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Control blood sugar for up to 9 hours (clinically proven)
  • Speeds up metabolism and decreases food intake.

Not consuming enough protein-based energizing foods may be one of the reasons for fatigue.

Extend products are made from high-quality 'complete' proteins like quinoa, pea protein, brown rice, and whey, which complement each other, creating the perfect combination of a great source of amino acids.

Besides, they are a rich source of nutrients, including iron, fiber, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and complex carbohydrates, which provide your body with all-day energy and help avoid blood sugar spikes, which can damage your body over time.

Extend energy bars and protein energy drink are a healthy energy-rich source and low glycemic products for all sport and fitness enthusiasts. They are created for everyone looking for gluten-free energizing foods with great flavor and no sugar.

The benefits of stable blood sugar were further confirmed by a study that evaluated exercise performance after ingestion of Extend Bar. The study showed that Extend energy bars and protein energy drink formula enhance carbohydrate utilization during and after exercise (Kaufman).

It is an energy punch that will improve your training performance, help your muscles recover faster, and meet your goals - no matter whether it is blood control, losing weight, gaining lean muscle, or improving your health.

Incorporating healthy, energizing foods into your health and nutrition routine is a smart choice for your body to absorb many elements that promote health and wellness, keeping your blood sugar steady.

Extend energy bars and protein energy drinks offer an easy low glycemic energy option for all people on the go who want to reduce sugar intake, improve their nutrition, lose weight, and make healthier choices.

Extend Nutrition products are a great healthy choice to feel energetic again and make an incredible difference in your day!

by Blood Sugar Control

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