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Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels With Extend

Posted by Samantha Smarte on
Stabilize Your Blood Sugar Levels With Extend - Extend Nutrition

Protein Bars & Protein Shakes Clinically Proven to Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels up to 9 Hours //

Do you feel like you’re missing some energy, tired during your workout, gaining some unwanted pounds, or need to change an unhealthy snack habit to a healthy one? Extend Protein Bars & Protein Shake Powders are the ticket. They make a real difference to how you feel, how you perform, and how much you weigh. 

How? By helping to stabilize your blood sugar levels, giving you steady, long-lasting and healthy energy for up to nine hours! Clinically proven…. 


Typical snacks metabolize over a 1-2 hour period, causing a rapid spike in blood sugar, often followed by a crash. Feels OK on the way up, but not on the way down…and definitely not good for your health. The unique, patented combination of ingredients in an Extend Nutrition protein bar or protein powder is designed to digest slowly while releasing steady energy from a carefully chosen combination of carbs.  This unique, all-natural design helps stabilize blood glucose levels – your fuel - for up to 9 hours. 

Extend Nutrition protein bars and protein shakes were invented by a leading endocrinologist and metabolic expert, Dr. Francine Kaufman. No other protein products or healthy snacks even compare. No Spike. No Crash. Steady, Healthy Energy. Clinically proven.

In fact, Extend Nutrition protein bars and protein shakes are clinically proven to:

  • Help control blood sugar levels up to 9 hours 
  • Curb appetite & hunger cravings 
  • Provide healthy long lasting energy 
  • No spike, no crash, no bonk! 

Want to learn more? Please click on the link for the peer-reviewed clinical studies and full results of each study,


No matter who you are or what lifestyle you live, your body always has to have a certain amount of sugar in your bloodstream to provide energy for your brain, cells, muscles, and basic functioning. Blood glucose – blood sugar – is your fuel, and you need the right amounts as you go about your busy life. 

Too much sugar in your bloodstream can cause nerve damage be extremely harmful over time. Too little sugar in your blood can cause you to become groggy, or experience mood swings,  or feel too tired too often.  Your body always needs a sufficient but balanced amount of sugar in your bloodstream  - not too much, and not too little. 


Stable blood sugar levels can help improve your health and performance in many ways, including memory, energy levels, preventing weight gain, mood,  diabetes management,  carbohydrate utilization during exercise, and muscle recovery. Blood sugar control is central to health, and Extend Nutrition is the Blood Sugar Control expert.


Need fuel for your busy life? Stabilized blood sugar gives you healthy energy all day long, so you can deal with the pressures today brings. Healthy, long-lasting energy protein Snacks On-the-Go. Extend Anytime protein bars or shakes – or, for more protein, Extend Performance shakes. 

Take your fitness routine to the next level and play harder, longer than before by stabilizing your blood sugar and getting that extra boost down the road, while avoiding a blood sugar spike or crash. Extend Nutrition bars and shakes provide a steady source of energy during physical activity, and prevent you from “crashing” or “hitting the wall.” For extra protein for muscle recovery or meal replacement, try Extend Performance shakes. Same blood sugar benefits but with more protein in every serving. 

If your blood sugar levels are steady, you don’t feel such awful cravings to snack. Steady means OK to your hunger center. If those cravings don’t drive you to the refrigerator so much, and better yet, if you snack healthy when you need to, you can achieve your weight loss goals.  The stable blood sugar levels provided by Extend Nutrition protein bars and shakes help curb your appetite and hunger cravings. They’re clinically proven to reduce calorie intake at your next meal.  Extend Nutrition’s healthy snacking is the clinically proven way to go. Delicious and affordable too! 

Diabetes and prediabetes management benefit from stabilized blood sugar levels. Extend Nutrition's diabetic snacks, diabetic shakes and diabetic meal replacement shakes are clinically proven to help control blood sugar and help avoid blood sugar swings - highs and lows. If you have diabetes, Extend Nutrition protein bars and shakes can really help. They’re the perfect diabetic snack and diabetic meal replacement. Affordable too. And if you’re worried about developing diabetes, Extend protein bars and shakes can help you avoid the weight gain that often leads to this condition. 

Switch up your daily routine with protein bars and protein shakes that do more!


  • Healthy Lifestyles – all day, every day
  • Weight Control - lose the pounds
  • Sports / Fitness + Endurance – steady, long-lasting energy for all you’ve got
  • Diabetes / PreDiabetes management – steady blood sugar all day, all night. 

Low glycemic, low carb. No sugar added, ever. Feel the difference! Check out flavors and nutrition facts at

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