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The Silent Threat: Pre-Diabetes

Posted by Kevin Dalrymple on
The Silent Threat: Pre-Diabetes - Extend Nutrition

About 98 million Americans have pre-diabetes. That’s one in three adults. More than 80% don’t know it.

Pre-diabetes is the ominous precursor to full-blown diabetes, quietly stalking millions. It’s the body's red flag, signaling that blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not yet diabetic. This often means your body is developing resistance to insulin, the hormone essential for cells to absorb and use sugar. If cells become resistant to insulin, they take in less sugar, leaving more in the bloodstream. Excess sugar is dangerous. This condition demands attention, but its symptoms are subtle and often go unnoticed.

Fatigue, increased thirst, and blurred vision are signals – easy to miss. Perhaps the most identifiable indication lies in lifestyle – if you’re overweight and have a sedentary lifestyle, you are much more likely to have or develop pre-diabetes, whatever your age.

Pre-diabetes is a wake-up call. If ignored, insulin resistance can progress to type 2 diabetes levels, bringing along a host of complications like heart disease, stroke, loss of vision, and nerve damage. Pay attention. Of course, regular health check-ups including blood sugar checks are essential. Consider a blood glucose monitor – they’re inexpensive and not or not very invasive. Check your family history - a pattern of diabetes may also amplify your risk

Beyond monitoring, the good news is that pre-diabetes is actually reversible through lifestyle changes. Adopting a balanced diet, maintaining steady blood sugar levels, avoiding spikes and crashes, engaging in regular physical activity, and maintaining a healthy weight can halt its advance. Small, consistent alterations in daily habits can make a very big difference.

Don’t underestimate pre-diabetes – avoid it.  Don’t become one of the 98 million.

Extend Bars and Shakes are designed to be part of your protection against pre-diabetes. They provide steady, long lasting blood sugar, avoiding spikes or crashes. They’re the only snacks clinically proven to help control blood sugar for up to nine hours. Stable blood sugar means hunger control and steady energy.  Two great tools in preventing pre-diabetes.  Their nutrition is designed for health too, with 0-1 gm sugar (no added sugar), one net carb, and 10-12 gm of quality protein. Try the Extend variety pack today at or Stay healthy…

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