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Rainbow Fruit Kabobs, with Protein Packed Healthy Fruit Dip

Posted by Samantha Smarte on
Rainbow Fruit Kabobs, with Protein Packed Healthy Fruit Dip - Extend Nutrition

Fruit is known as "nature's sugar" - it's healthy, sweet and delicious - but it's also a simple sugar.

Since many fruits metabolize quickly, they cause blood sugar levels to spike (some more than others).

So it's best to pair fruit with complex carbs and protein - to lessen the impact on your metabolism and blood sugar levels.

This recipe not only offers a fun way to present and serve fruit, but also a dip that features our nutritional shake mix - one that's loaded with complex carbs and protein.

So be sure to pair your fruit with our delicious diabetic friendly fruit about a sweet way to enjoy nature's finest.

Ingredients (for fruit dip):






- 2 scoops Extend Creamy Vanilla Protein Shake
- 6oz sugar-free low fat vanilla yogurt
- 8oz fat free cream cheese, softened
- 1 tsp vanilla extract

To prepare fruit dip:

In a med/large mixing bowl, beat cream cheese on medium speed using an electric mixer.

Gradually add in the remaining ingredients, and continue beating until light and fluffy (or desired consistency).

 Get kabobing!

Pick your favorite fruits from the colors of the rainbow, and slide bite size pieces onto a wooden skewer.

TIP: Go for low glycemic fruits to make your fruit tray even gentler on blood sugar levels.

 Nutritional Info (per serving):

-Servings: 7
-Calories: 60
-Total Fat: 0g
-Total Carbs: 5g
-Sugars: 2g
-Protein: 7g

 Snack Healthy!

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